Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Workout: Mar. 10th

March 10th: Today I skipped my strength training but did a really good running workout.  I did to ladders 2x(1 mile-2 mile-1 mile) at 10 mph/6min miles.  I have been doing all my hard workouts after my strength training days, so that I can recover on my easy days.  I generally lift first then do my running which is fine except that my body is fairly tired before I even start my running.  Well today on a fresh set of legs is burned through the workout.  

At one point during my second ladder during my 2 mile set I was cruising along at 10.5 mph with relative ease, I should say that I never had the incline more than 1.5 so that diffidently helped.  But until the last set my heart rate was around 170-175 which is pretty good for 10 mph.  

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  1. Your a stud...My heart rate would be about 210, EF