Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Nutrition-Juicer Part II

I got my juicer today and tried it out.  It works great so far and is super easy to use and clean.  I made some apple carrot juice which was quite good.  I also made a strawberry, kiwi, mango juice for breakfast tomorrow, which I tried and was great.

It has a screen so that you don't have to get the pulp, but I don't mind it and it just adds some fiber.  The strawberry, mango kiwi, tastes very similar to the Naked Juices that are like $4 each. Granted this is still not cheap, but allows you to do a lot more.  

I have some wheat grass seeds in route and I'm going to try and grow some this spring and summer, I heard that it is really good for you and I can juice it in my new juicer.  


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