Monday, March 9, 2009

Workout: Mar. 6th-9th

March 6th: Off, I had to work and drive 4.5 hours.

March 7th: I went home for the weekend and a friend of mine from High school is big into Triathlons and Running and I went out for a nice 10 mile run with him through some pretty good hills.  It was really nice to run with someone, I haven't been able to to that since probably last fall.  

March 8th: My alarm didn't go off, so I had to delay my big run until today.

March 9th: Supposed to be 18 miles but took a wrong turn and ended up being 20.5 mile.  I felt great though and even ran most of the last 6-4 miles around my marathon pace, but I think I'll probably feel it tomorrow.

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